How to stay healthy during quarantine

Emma Decasa, Editorial Board Member

It’s not exactly an everyday occurrence for us to have six weeks of no school, no schedules, and no activities. So, as most people have started doing, you probably are waking up at noon, scrolling through your phone, watching Netflix, and taking naps for the majority of the day.

However, this is the perfect opportunity to get our lives together. Whether that’s branching out to try new hobbies or just being productive, here are some tips for keeping up with your health while in quarantine.

  • Creating a schedule/routine: Transitioning from a weekly schedule at school to six weeks of no plans whatsoever is difficult, but staying productive is important. Making a daily or hourly schedule can help to organize what you want to do in a day, whether that be schoolwork or just relaxing with family.
  • Integrating studying into your days: As much as we would all love to put off any work, it’s important to keep up with our studies for when school comes rolling back around. It can be as simple as reserving an hour or two every day to do an activity or assignment for classes. 
  • Keeping up with your physical fitness: Healthline recommends doing 60 minutes of exercise for at least five days a week. Even though we’re stuck at home, here are many at-home workouts you can find online, from exercise videos to online dance classes. 
  • Implementing healthy eating habits: You are what you eat, as the saying goes, so try to choose things that are high in nutrients and will boost your energy during the day. Be conscious of what you’re eating, and always drink water! It is not only a necessity, but it will also keep your immune system strong.
  • Having a healthy/regulated sleep schedule: Sleep is great, but your sleep should be regulated to 8 to 10 hours a night. That means not oversleeping every day, but also getting enough sleep. Having a regular, healthy sleep schedule will give you the energy to be productive and will keep your immune system strong, too.
  • Taking time to focus on yourself: While in quarantine, taking time out of the day to do something you enjoy or something relaxing is essential. It can be as simple as doing a self-care activity or trying out a new hobby. Either way, we should all use this time to revitalize our mental and emotional health.

While it can be hard to stay motivated to keep up with your health, it’s important nonetheless. It can be good to implement some of these tips into your everyday quarantine life to make sure you stay safe and healthy! It’s times like these when we all need to look out for our health and the health of those around us, so wash your hands, drink some water, and do something productive. The possibilities of things to do are endless, as long as you keep up healthy habits.