Exercise for Quaranteens

Sports are canceled and teams disbanded. Gyms are closed. Neighborhood joggers run the risk of interrogation, and hikers are watched suspiciously. Everyone outside has become a virus-bearing suspect — and this makes working out hard. Fortunately, the Patriot Press has created an athlete-friendly “work-in” to satisfy teenagers in search of a little core and cardio to fit into their daily Netflix-watching, social distancing routine.

Haley Archer, Senior Writer

The Plan

Pick out something good to watch, put on workout clothes, and prepare for a productive movie marathon. 

The Process

Warm-up: Do twenty jumping jacks and a one-minute plank during the opening scene.

Sit-ups: Everytime a character sits down, do ten sit-ups.

Car-dio: Every time cars appear in a scene, do twenty mountain climbers. Highly recommended if watching the movie Cars. 

In-and-outs: Does a character enter or leave a room? Do twenty in-and-out crunches (sit, lean back and extend legs, repeat.)

Superman: If a character uses superpowers or just does something super cool, hold the Superman pose (lie on stomach, raise arms and legs) for thirty seconds.

Lunges: Waiting for a jump-scare? Do twenty lunges. 

Plot twist: Twenty Russian twists if you didn’t see that coming. 

Fore-shadowing: Twenty seconds of forearm plank if you did see that coming. 

Crunchy: If your characters are eating something, do twenty crunches.

Don’t know squat: Are the characters confused? Twenty squats. 

Fun run: If a character is going for a run (or being chased) jog in place until they are done. Imitating their parkour moves gives you bonus points. 

Cool down: Do a one minute plank and some stretches during the closing scene. Mission accomplished!