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“16 Years Later”

Gabby Smith

May 6, 2014

Dead on the inside, alive on the out My whole life is a cloud of doubt. Sitting in my life hole of dis-pare I am so So unaware of the spot light that lay on me. I summon all my might to make a noise, any sound from within I can feel all eyes on my, watching wrongly upon my fail As I cannot make ...


Featured Poet: Jarrett Hopewell

December 10, 2013

Our lives are masks that reveal only shadows of what we wish to present. If you were to take a quick glimpse into my thoughts and mind, you would be petrified. My outside view is not false, but instead it is just a courtyard to a mansion of obscurity. You might walk around the intense structure for an...

The Ever Growing Fire

Callan Moore

November 7, 2013

Sophomore Callan Moore's poem "The Ever Growing Fire" was submitted to Creative Communications where it was evaluated and sekected to be published into a Nation Wide Anthology. Like a shadow like a dream Her heart flew away as if it was never actually seen The pieces no longer fit So deep in the pit of...

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