5 Good things going on in the world right now

Brianna Nelson, Entertainment Editor

As we are all aware the last few months have been rough and the world is in an unstable place. But not everything is bad, there have been a lot of good things that have happened that haven’t been talked about. 


  1. Pollution has gone down and air quality has increased: As modes of transportation are used less frequently and emissions have decreased. In China, pollution levels have gone down an estimated 25%. 
  2. Shelters are running out of animals: With more time being spent at home, people are looking for something to occupy time and keep them company. Many have solved this problem by bringing new friends into their homes either through adoption or fostering. 
  3. Communities are coming together: During these tough times people have come together to help those in need and it is bringing people closer. There have been thousands of people who have volunteered to deliver food and medicine to vulnerable people, transport them to appointments, and talk to isolated people on the phone. 
  4. Penguins on parade: With zoos and aquariums being closed zookeepers are letting animals out to walk around the zoo and meet other animals. Zoos and aquariums are posting these fun interactions online for people to see. 
  5. People are bettering themselves: Those in lockdown are using this time as self-care. Many are trying new things and are learning new skills. People have taken this as an opportunity to get in shape and help themselves.