Liberty’s naughty list

Amelia Nored, Editorial Board Member

Will you be on Santa’s naughty list this year? If you happen to identify with one of the types of people described here, then the answer is yes. You are getting coal in your stocking, and it’s only right that you cry about it. 

  1. Student drivers who take your parking spot when you go off-campus for lunch
  2. Teachers who give homework over winter break
  3. Vapers
  4. The kid who stepped on my white shoes with their muddy boots in the hallway last week (you know who you are and you should be feeling really bad right now)
  5. Bad parkers. Not only are you on the naughty list, but you may also be featured on Liberty’s very own bad parking Instagram page. 
  6. Anyone with bad vibes; don’t bring that to school. 
  7. Kids who stand in the middle of the staircase during passing periods and cause a traffic jam
  8. “The bell doesn’t dismiss you, I DO” teachers
  9. Freshmen 
  10. Those who don’t clean up after themselves. Please don’t leave your spilled RedBull on my desk; it’s sticky, and it makes me uncomfortable. 
  12. That classmate who says, “I did so bad on my test,” when they got a 95% on it, and then ask for your score and say, “OMG, that’s so good” after you tell them you got a 63%

If you didn’t make the cut for Santa’s nice list this year, try again in 2022 after you become a less terrible person.