Casting Call for a Young Adult (YA) Novel:

Hannah Kim, Editorial Board Member

Generic Teen Novel is searching for leading and supporting characters in the latest New York Times Bestselling soon-to-be movie hit! 

Currently seeking: 

Teens with the following names: Tessa, Jax, Olive, or Asher 

Girls who say “girlboss”, “patriarchy”, and “bechtel test” unironically

People who feel like they are always holding in a breath

Quirky individuals with equally quirky hobbies 

People who aren’t like other girls 

Misunderstood bad boys (should own a motorcycle and be the sole breadwinner for their family)

Devastating plain features (Note: Plain meaning incredibly beautiful and stunningly unrealistic for anyone between the ages of 14-17 to look like)

Teens who are extremely oblivious 

People who happen to stumble into things: a lucky opportunity, the wall, a love interest’s arms, etc. 

Individuals with trauma, estranged family members, or any kind of terminal illness  

Token diversity best friends 

Anyone with a huge first world problem they can’t seem to fix 

Anyone submitting for these roles must be willing to be played by Noah Centineo or Joey King in a foreseeable movie adaptation.