Ask Amira

Amira Turner, Backpage Editor

Should I get back with my ex?

Right off the bat, no. I assume they’re your ex for a reason, and it should probably stay that way. I would only get back with an ex if my ex was Adam Driver, Harry Styles, or Chris Evans, and even then, I would expect a lump sum of cash as an apology. Take some time for yourself and reeeaaalllyyyy think about it before you make any decisions. Also, if they’re a Scorpio, don’t take them back. Period. 


How to not get stuck between the intersections of the stairs and the math hallway?

Easy, don’t show up to school. Works like a charm every time. 


How do you be a better friend?

Friendships are different for everyone, but if you want to be a better friend to me, there are three easy steps to my heart. 1. Compliment me non-stop, and I mean like non-stop. I cannot function without being told I’m doing amazing. 2. Gifts. I will accept anything from a sticker to a Gucci bag. Of course, the Gucci bag is preferred, but do what works within your budget. 3. Just don’t be a jerk. The last thing anyone wants is a friend who is a wack, bad human being, so do your best not to be that.