A freshman’s survival guide to Liberty

Daniel Flash, Backpage Editor

 Isn’t it weird to think about? The freshmen class has been going to school at Liberty for almost a year, yet they actually have never been on campus. But now that they’re finally getting the opportunity to come to school, they need to know how to survive. 

High school is a completely different world than middle school. The staff isn’t going to hold your hand through the hallways. You aren’t given treats for having good grades. This is the big leagues and after reading through this intense, carefully executed survival guide, freshmen will hopefully be prepared for what may be the hardest environment so far of their short, little lives. 


Tip #1: No matter the reason, don’t use the school bathrooms. ESPECIALLY during lunch. I don’t care if you have to go. I’m giving you survival tips. Don’t use them. 

Tip #2: Football games work like this: There are seven rows to the student section. seniors get rows 1-2, juniors 3-4, sophomores 5-6 and freshmen 7. Do not even try to go into rows 1-6. You will be kicked out. I don’t care how popular you are. Know your place. 

Tip #3: One of the most popular eateries on campus is the DECA store, more formally known as the Patriot Pantry. I advise you to practice your waiting skills because if you want anything from that store, you’re gonna to have to wait at least 20 minutes.

Tip #4: When you’re walking in the hallways, walk the pace of everyone else. Don’t walk too slow, and especially not too fast. This will help you not get run over by the other kids, and it also keeps the upperclassmen happy. 


If you follow all these tips the way I told you, you should be able to survive high school. If you don’t listen, you’ll just have to face the consequences. Your choice. Good luck.