What your Zoom background says about you

Ciena Sakamoto, Staff Writer

This school year has been a strange and strenuous time. By now, everyone has developed their own little, unwitting habits on Zoom, and after months of intensive investigative research, we have cracked the code on what the Zoom background you have says about you. 

Camera on

You mean business. You’re probably taking notes in your notebook with multicolor gel pens, and every morning you probably wake up at 5 am to do yoga and drink tea. You always look like you have makeup on, even when you don’t. You are thriving and want everyone else to know. Or you just like looking at yourself in the little box on the screen, but honestly, I don’t blame you. 

Virtual background

You always bring the spice wherever you go. You are a fun person to be around and very adventurous. When you get invited to a party, you probably bring the dessert—bonus points if your staple item is pie. You think you’re funnier than you are, but you’re a good person so no one can blame you. You’re trying to escape the tedium of Zoom classes and add flair to the meeting. Either that, or you’re trying to hide your messy room. 

Camera off with a name

You like to play it safe and keep it classic. You are probably watching TikToks during class from your bed. You haven’t brushed your hair in MONTHS, and you don’t care. Good for you!  You check to make sure your camera is off at least 20 times each class and debate if you should even unmute your mic when you get called on in class. You are honestly such a mood—keep rocking your oversized Comfy and sweats!

Camera off with a picture

You are a fun person in real life but are probably tired of online school. You definitely chose the photo on the first day of school and have been too lazy to change it or you logged into Zoom from your Google account.  If your picture is a picture of yourself, you want to remind everyone how attractive you are, without having to get out of bed. An extra round of applause for you if your picture is funny. Everybody loves a good laugh. Not too basic and not too bold, you are just right. I hope you know that you are my idol.