Some Good News?

Daniel Flash, Backpage Editor

*Spinning globe rises across the lens* Welcome to Some Good News! With all of the bad things going on in the world right now, we should take time to highlight some of the good things happening in the Liberty community! Although I am no John Krasinski, I will try my best to make this segment of Some Good News just as enjoyable as any other.

Here is some good news: 

  • 2020 is finally over! But the trends are still continuing into 2021: world destruction, at home learning, no hope for the future. But who cares because English teacher Ms. Daughters got a new puppy!
  • The no camera button on Zoom exists! I know it’s always been students’ dream to take a nap during school, and now you can!
  • Liberty in-person graduation is set to happen! This day is every high school student’s dream. Although the graduating class won’t have their big day at the insanely nice T-Mobile Park, they still get to walk on the newly renovated Liberty High School football field! And what’s a major league baseball stadium anyways when you can have the ceremony on the same high school field you played frisbee on during freshmen PE? Also, the graduation is in pods which means that most seniors will not be with their friends. Looking forward to this exciting day!
  • Cheating in school is easy now! Teachers and admin might see a big incline in test scores during this year, and that is all due to the wonderful teachers and certainly not anything else….
  • Being as late as you want to class and saying you had “technical difficulties” is always a viable excuse!
  • Occasionally you won’t have classif your teacher’s computer freezes, then the class is over! 
  • School sports are back! cross country has to run with masks on, Football can’t have a student section during games, and Girls Soccer has to practice at Maywood. How awesome is that?

These are just some good things happening in this crazy world right now. As our world seems to be getting better day after day, hopefully we will  all be back in school together again. But then we can’t cheat. Do we really want to go back to school?