My stalker

Tabitha Peacock, Spotlight Editor

What would you do if you had a stalker? And not just any typical stalker. I mean, this girl won’t leave me alone! Every day at school, she clings on to me. She follows me to all my classes and waits outside until I’m done and then walks me to my car when I’m ready to go home. Sure, it may seem like a kind gesture, but just wait until you hear the rest.

At first, I thought she was doing this because she was nice. But oh boy was I wrong–very, very wrong. I can’t even remember the last time I was alone. I’ve asked her to stop. And do you know what she says? Nothing. She simply doesn’t care. It’s like my words just pass through her head.

People have started to avoid me because of her–even my best friends! She used to just sit at the end of the lunch table near me. Over time, though, people started leaving the lunch table. She just watches me eat. She doesn’t even eat lunch! She says it “distracts her from me.” Now I’m the only person that sits there. Well, not just me. My stalker likes to sit with me too. All she does is talk trash about people. She’s been breaking apart so many friendships! A real party hasn’t happened in so long! Nobody can hang out with one another. Everyone seems to believe these rumors she’s spreading. I can’t believe this!

Now I’m stuck finishing out this school year with no one. I’ve decided to start online school because that’s better than being followed around all day by this lunatic. Oh, my bad–I forgot to tell you the name of the stalker. Avoid her at all costs. Her name is Corona.