Teacher/Student Public Interactions: What would you do? What would you say?

If Dhaman Kaur saw Buchli in public:

“I would see Buchli on the Cougar Mountain trails, and I probably would be running, and Buchli would be hiking or jogging. We might stop and talk about how more people have to get out on the trails and should stop sitting on their butts all day because sitting is the new smoking. We would talk about how we need better policies for the environment, so we actually have the trails to run or hike on. If this was a few years down the line, Buchli would say, ‘oh you have to try this vegan place and you have to switch to plant-based eating.’ And maybe we could go grab lunch!”

If Buchli saw Dhaman Kaur in public:

“I would be at Silverwood and would see her at one of the shops. I would tell her to apply integrals and derivatives to rollercoaster physics, and see if we could understand the universe. Before we go our separate ways, I would see if she got the right answer.”


If Bill Young saw Kruzich in public:

“I would be on a run and would go to Starbucks to get a drink of water. When I got my water, I would see Kruzich buying a venti skinny vanilla latte. I would be like ‘Hey, Kruzich! Will you not mark down my homework grade down because I turned it in late? I will buy you another latte if you let it slide!’ And she would say ‘yeah sure’. I would probably just leave after this conversation because it would already be pretty uncomfortable.”

If Kruzich saw Bill Young in public:

“I would say hi. I probably would see him at the movies. Oh maybe not…I don’t know if Bill is allowed to go to the movie theater though. Actually, I would see him at the Bellevue College campus and would ask and see how things were going if I did not see him in a while. I would not ignore him or anything. Then I would ask him if he is still acting like he is 12.”