An Unexpected Start to Summer Vacation

Connor Cherry, Backpage Editor

The glory days of summer are finally here again. Gone are the long hours of sitting in class listening to lectures on the finer points of American history and the unit circle. Now that you’re home, the time has come to find something exciting to do. No longer will you be the introverted studious student that you are. It is time to spread your wings and let the peacock fly. In your search for summertime shenanigans, you get word on your cellphone of a classic barbeque down at Coulon. You call up your friend who is borrowing his mom’s brand new Corvette Stingray for the weekend. On your way to the barbeque, your friend drives like a professional, with intentional burnouts, skids and redlining after every acceleration. On the way to the beach you get passed by a maniac student attempting to get the lowest mpg possible by turning 128th into a Formula 1 class speedway. “What an idiot,” your friend says as you drift into the grocery store parking lot, taking up two spots in the process. Using your mom’s credit card, the pre-barbeque-snack situation is quickly locked down. After getting the snacks, you arrive at the barbeque to find that it is not quite the Project X style function on the shores of Lake Washington that you imagined, but rather a reserved and morally correct grilling of various meats on the beach. You leave the barbeque satisfied with your evening but disappointed that nonstop summer banger hasn’t started yet. After arriving home at the responsible hour of 9:30, you hop into bed. Your disillusion quickly fades knowing that tomorrow is a brand new day and the summer festivities are sure to come. Vacation is here; let the good times roll fellow patriots.