Jasmine Le for ASB

Jasmine Le for ASB

You may know her as the Executive Board Secretary and have seen her in the assemblies or around the hallways. Senior Jasmine Le stands out for her never-ending positive attitude and energetic personality. As senior year comes to an end, there is much for her to celebrate and share. 

Although Liberty will be losing an amazing student, Le has amazing plans for the future. She will be attending Cal Poly SLO in the fall and majoring in business administration, with a focus on marketing. 

“I imagine myself with a stable job and hopefully traveling the world in the next 10 years. Or maybe I’ll be living in California. The future is unknown, who knows,” Le said.

And as for her experience at Liberty, she has created a lot of memorable impacts, accomplishments, and memories in the past four years. One of those memorable impacts is teachers. For Le, ASB Director Ms. Munson has been her favorite and most influential teacher throughout high school.

“I’ve been in the ASB program for four years now, and it played a really big role in helping me grow as a person and a leader. Not only is she an incredibly dedicated advisor and wonderful person, but she is also someone I can go to whenever I need advice, coffee, or just to talk about life,” Le said. 

Along with gaining great impacts, Le has achieved many accomplishments. She has many achievements that she is incredibly proud of, but the greatest one has to be Liberty’s Instagram account. 

“I’ve been running the account for three years now, and I am so happy with how much it has grown. We’ve been able to connect more with the student body, especially during this quarantine. I had a lot of fun taking photos of students and staff on spirit days and being able to answer questions. I’m excited to see how the account will grow after I leave,” Le said.  

Even though high school is coming to an end for seniors like Le, the memories collected and experienced will last forever. From laughter and joy to sadness and heartbreak, every little moment counts. Being immensely involved in clubs and around the school, Jasmine has many memories.

“There are so many small moments that made my time at Liberty great. One of them was dancing with Yegor Kuznetsov at Homecoming this year. Also decorating the hallways for Homecoming every year and getting to spend time with my classmates,” Le said.

Alongside good memories comes the cringy and embarrassing moments. “During freshman year, I went to the bathroom during class and I thought I had locked my stall. I didn’t. A few minutes later, I heard people come into the bathroom and then someone accidentally opened my stall in front of four other people. It was awkward but it just makes me laugh now,” Le said.

Spending years at Liberty has taught Jasmine many lessons and she has one very important one to share: accountability. 

“I think it helps you understand yourself better and helps build more trust in the people around you. I also learned that people who care about you and support you will find a way to stay involved in your life. So make sure that you remember to thank them and let them know you value them,” Le said. 

“Don’t take anything for granted. Four years fly by so fast. Also, try to get involved as much as you can! It can help to meet new people and introduce you to new perspectives, especially by joining clubs or coming to school events. What you put into your school experience can have a huge influence on what you get out of it,” Le advised. 

As high school concludes, she describes the four years as fun, eye-opening, and memorable. Congratulations Jasmine on completing an amazing four years of high school and always being optimistic, friendly, and compassionate! Liberty is very proud of you and wishes you luck and happiness in your journey forward!

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