CTE - Computer Science

CTE – Computer Science

Aryan Kaushik

Aryan Kaushik was in multiple Computer Science courses this year. He is a student in Computer Science Advanced Topics & Projects and Advanced Placement Computer Science Principals courses. In each, he has shown passion, competency and a drive to excel that places him well ahead of his peers.

In Advanced Topics & Projects, Aryan consistently produced high quality work. In one recent project, he was challenged to develop a mobile application using a programming language he had no experience with. In the space of 6 weeks, he taught himself Swift and produced a mobile application to quickly do unit conversions. His solution worked flawless, was user event driven, had a clean appearance and was completely intuitive and easy to use. Additionally, Aryan was challenged to explore and research current technology topics and present both written and verbal presentations. In all cases, he demonstrated exceptional communication skills on par with collegiate standards. 

Aryans approach to AP Computer Science Principles has been equally impressive. As a broader view of the Computer Science field, he was tasked with looking at very different areas of computer technology than software development. Recently, he presented a case study on the 2019 Capitol One data breach. He explained in depth the actual breach, how it was perpetrated, what measures where taken to prevent future issues, the significance of the impact, and even investigated how this event balances the right of an individual’s privacy with the need for security

Aryan is a thoughtful and conscientious student and deserving of this recognition. – Jeffrey Woffinden

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