Kelly Ferrera finds her husky pride

Kelly Ferrera finds her husky pride

After years of hard work in high school, senior Kelly Ferrera is ready to take the step from Patriot to Husky. Starting freshman year in college can be daunting, but Ferrera is fuelled by her time at Liberty and the connections she has made along the way. 

“High school has helped me set a work ethic and explore exactly what I want to do. My favorite memories have come from being involved in clubs and activities. Through gym, DECA, IYAB, Key Club, and NHS, I have learned that I love to keep myself busy,” Ferrera said.

With hopes to major in business at UW Foster, the University of Washington has always been her dream school.

“I was at the DECA State competition when I found out I was accepted, and I ran out of the room crying. People said they had never seen me happier,” Ferrera said.

Husky pride runs in Ferrera’s family. Her dad graduated from the University of Washington Engineering school, and she is excited to pursue her own field at the school she has admired.

“UW is an amazing school with job fairs and connections. I am most looking forward to all of the opportunities college has to offer, from learning, being social, and just exploring different options in life,” Ferrera enthused.

As Ferrera joins the UW class of 2024, she remains grateful for the relationships she built at Liberty and leaves a piece of advice for the underclassmen. 

“Branch out and do not be afraid to make friends. Relationships are huge in high school to keep social and mental health strong. Whether it is one close friend, a family member, or a huge group of people, relationships will get you through the challenges that high school throws at you,” Ferrera said. 

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