Gap years

November 24, 2020

For most of us, this four-year high school journey has been spent trying to discover interests and figure out what we want to do in life. But some may not have found those answers by the time they graduate. In that case, taking a gap year can offer more time to find one’s purpose or focus on other responsibilities.

“You can use a gap year to try different jobs to see what you like, volunteer, or even travel. Traveling does not have to be super expensive, especially if you can visit family or friends in other places,” college and career specialist Kris Brown said. “You’d be surprised how much you can learn about yourself by trying out different things.”

A gap year allows time to explore avenues of interest, which is what Liberty High School class of 2020 alumna Olivia Scott has been doing post-graduation. 

“I chose to take a gap year because I truly didn’t know what I wanted to do. I thought it would also be nice to just live life without the pressures of school,” Scott said.

The freedom that comes with a gap year also gives graduates time to develop as people before joining the professional world. While Scott has taken on new hobbies and explored temporary work experiences, she has also grown as a person in the midst of it.

“This has been an interesting time for personal development, creativity, and reflection,” Scott said. “But time can go by so fast, so my advice is to not get lazy. It’s easy to become used to staying home and not doing anything.”

During her year of exploration, Scott emphasized her focus on finding a job to prepare her for a future career. This is common among gap year graduates. As long as there’s a purpose for a year off, there are endless possibilities and opportunities.

“You can take different classes, meet a ton of new people, make connections, go traveling, build skills, and so much more,” Scott said. “Just make sure you’re doing new things and experiencing as much as you can!”


One of the many adventures she planned for her year off, alumna Olivia Scott (right) is pictured with a friend under a giant boulder in Hoodsport.
Pictured is Scott, flattered, holding hands with a statue she had come across on a trip to visit her mom in Twin Falls.
Alongside her small trips, Scott has also been spending time off relaxing. She’s pictured having a picnic with her family at a park, enjoying some Washington sunshine.
Scott (back) is once again pictured with her friends during one of her travels to camp in Hoodsport. Even though she plans to spend her gap year exploring her interests, she’s making sure to take time to explore and enjoy a break from school!

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