Robin Wood fight, fight, fights for Liberty

Rebekah Campbell

The question is not if there has been an increase in Patriot pride, but rather, where did it come from?  If you ask a senior, it is likely they will claim that it was the leadership class of 2014. If you ask a freshman, it is likely that they will respond that their fresh ‘gun-ho’ attitude was the cause of the amplified spirit. But if you ask me, I would respond that it was triggered by the resurrecting of our Fight Song, proudly made part by our choir’s one and only, Robin Wood.

Not only has the collective cheering of our fight song brought a sense of unity amongst the different classes, but it has also brought back a sense of past tradition. What was once meaningless lyrics artfully placed on the gymnasium now brings a feeling of belongingness and purpose beyond just playing in a football game or cheering. The fight song has brought encouragement and positivity to sporting events and school life. No longer are fans and players focused on the sole aspect of winning, but putting their heart and soul into their performance to honor the Patriot name. This new outlook on sports, fans, and students alike has brought a greater sense of what it truly means to be a Patriot and for that, Robin Wood, I commend you.