Late work shouldn’t just be accepted, it should be understood

Kasey Winter, Staff Writer

We all know the terrible feeling when you hand a teacher an assignment late and they give you that dreaded dirty look, from which you can tell the teacher is annoyed at you because you dare ask for an extension or make them do extra grading.
Teachers should be more understanding when we ask for an extension or turn in our homework late because not only do we have seven other classes to worry about, but because we also have lives outside of school. This claim may seem very one sided. From teachers’ points of view, they don’t want to give their students too much slack plus it’s more grading for them, but they also need to understand that their class isn’t the only thing we are focused on and have our lives dedicated to.
I understand that teachers have deadlines and due dates for a reason, but if a student asks for an extension for a specific reason, teachers should be more understanding. They should understand that more often than not, our reasons aren’t just excuses and that we are turning these assignments in late because of something else that is going on in our lives. To all the teachers that do recognize this and are accepting of late work, thank you. To the teachers that have a harsher policy: please consider this when a student asks for an extension for their work.