Skip the unnecessary skip days, seniors!

Boston Munro, Senior Writer

I’m not feeling well today and will not be in attendance at school.  Yeah, I have a dentist appointment, and so I can’t come to school today… at all.  I overslept my alarm and slept in until 2:16.  These are just some of many of the “excuses” Liberty students used to take part in the high school tradition of Senior Skip Day.  The better question though, is why is skipping school in mass numbers a tradition?  Especially when it’s hardly a month into school, in the middle of a gloomy fall day, just when the school year is beginning to pick up steam.  This past senior skip day I had two tests and an essay due in class.  There was absolutely no way I could miss school on that day, although some seniors still decided to skip those classes, much to the dismay of the teachers.  It’s one thing to pick a beautiful spring day, when senioritis is in full force, and we can get together and enjoy ourselves as a class in our last year together.  But it is absolutely unnecessary and absurd to miss school in this ever so critical time for seniors, trying to make the best last impression we can for first semester GPA’s for colleges. Let’s save our skip days until the spring, Seniors!