Former Louisville assistant coach under investigation

Sean Bates, Senior Writer

The University of Louisville and the FBI are currently investigating a former Louisville Assistant Basketball Coach Andre McGee for reportedly paying for “sex and stripper parties on the Louisville campus for basketball players and recruits,” inside the dorms where the basketball players live.

According to the report of ESPN’s “Outside the Lines”, a former female escort from these parties claimed that McGee paid escorts like her $10,000 from 2010-2014 for supplying strippers and parties for recruits and basketball players individually.

I have always been one who was fascinated by the whole college athlete recruitment process, how programs all across the country pull out all the stops to get that one player who can either change an entire program or reestablish a program as a national powerhouse in whatever sport.

However, there is such thing as going too far; doing things too ridiculous to get a recruit to play for a school, and what McGee has done not only crosses the line of pushing too hard for recruits, but is absolutely disgusting and immoral, not to mention highly illegal according to NCAA recruiting guidelines of paying for players, not to mention that prostitution is illegal in the state of Kentucky.

It is no secret that in our modern day society highly respects and admires those who have athletic ability that stands out among his or her peers. Kids view star athletes at the professional and collegiate level as heroes, idols that they can look up to, and every coach at every school wants that player that can give their team notoriety and a national spotlight. But there has got to be some way that these schools can attract these superstars with some moral guidelines, without manipulating the young minds of athletes through materialistic objects, and parties that some athletes think life is all about when you get to the next level.

It is scary to think that some schools don’t care what it takes to get the best, even if it means doing what they know is wrong. It affects the lives of top rated athletes every day, and what’s really scary is that every athlete at every school is vulnerable to this shady recruitment process, including those at Liberty.