APES is off the schedule

Gabe Waldbaum, Editor-In-Chief

Due to only eleven students signing up for the class during the spring registration, AP Environmental Science is not being taught at Liberty this year.
“It was a great class, and I love all the sciences, but that class had a great real world application,” APES and chemistry teacher Tracy Dennis said. “When you think of all the things an adult should know, the living world and the environment are important.”
“It’s sad because I learned a lot about the environment and it changed my view point on politics,” former APES student Jason Hurwitz said. “It’s definitely an important class because there is not enough environmental awareness and people should be conscious about that.”
Additionally, the class was statistically shown to have a higher passing rate on an AP test compared to other science classes Liberty has offered.
Liberty still has regular envoirmental science, but that does not give the college credit from the AP course. The college course goes more indepth and provides deeper and more diffiult levels of questioning.
““The content we cover in AP is quite a bit more, the rate at which we cover things is much faster, and level of questioning is more difficult,” Dennis said.
The class will be offered again at this year’s registration.