Q&A with Liberty’s future ASB president, Cherelle Demps

Claire Good, News Editor

What will be your chief responsibilities as ASB president next year?

A lot of what happens of Liberty is mainly run by ASB, but some of my specific responsibilities include running and organizing assemblies, being the student representative for anything, overseeing student activities, and being a student leader that anyone can come and talk to!

What changes do you plan to make at Liberty?

I wouldn’t necessarily change anything, but some things I would want to continue at Liberty are having a lot of things student driven, organized, and self-governed. I want the students in the assemblies, I want the students coming up with different clubs, and being the true voice of Liberty! I want the students of Liberty to know that it is their school. Also, I want to bring the school spirit to a whole new level! I want it to be weird that people don’t dress up, instead of the other way. I want people to crave to go to sporting events and support their friends.

How do you feel that your past experience in ASB has impacted you as a leader?

Being in ASB for so long has made me more confident in who I am, and has opened my eyes to a whole other perspective of what being a leader is all about. It has definitely made me challenge myself, which is something I wouldn’t have been able to do without ASB.

What about Liberty inspires you?

What inspires me about Liberty is the atmosphere! Everyone is so accepting, loving and supporting—and that is my favorite thing about it. We are so unique in our own ways which is another reason why our school is so great! I truly believe that WE ARE ONE and I don’t know any other school I would rather be a part of!

What made you decide to run for ASB president?

At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to run for ASB president because that would mean leaving the class of 2015, which I’ve been leading since 8th grade. But then I talked with a lot of my friends and Mrs. Munson, and they told me to follow my heart, and do what I thought was best for not just me but for this school which ultimately led me to my decision. I also knew that if I didn’t take this opportunity to challenge myself, I would definitely regret it.