Students will get new classes next year

Joel Tinseth, Staff Writer

Liberty High School will be welcoming a variety of new courses for the 2014-2015 school year, ranging from AP classes for freshmen to new elective courses. Among these new classes are web design, AP geography, and AP world history. These classes will have a variety of purposes, from challenging students to providing more classes to accommodate a broader field of interests.

The new courses are meant to reflect the changing job interests in the world. Students will have a greater chance to become efficient with computers, for example, because it is one of the fastest growing areas of study.

“We will be offering more classes that reflect the real world. We also want to make computer science a more frequently taken course. In order to do this, there will be more computer-related courses, as well as an intermediate step between AP computer science and software technology,” Principal Josh Almy said.

The new courses at Liberty are also influenced by changes at Maywood. Students now have a more rigorous technology prerequisite in seventh grade, so software technology will be removed at Liberty. Students will also  have the opportunity to take inermediate classes between Software tech. level and AP Computer Science level.

“Students will no longer have to take software technology but will have a more rigorous technology course taught at Maywood. This will hopefully accelerate students through their academic careers,” Almy said.

Underclassmen now are able to take AP geography and AP world history in their freshman and sophomore years respectively. These two course changes are a part of a district-wide shift in social studies curriculum.

“The new social studies courses are going to be great for freshmen looking to get their high school careers off to a good start,” teacher Amy Cooke said.