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I don’t see the point

I don't see the point

Aurora Bryan, Staff Writer

March 22, 2020

You’re 45 minutes into your Algebra 2 final when all of a sudden your pencil stops working. You look at the end and see that there’s still lead in the pencil, so why isn’t it writing? You press the tip of the pencil down onto the page and the lead vanishes back into the pencil. Now you’re annoyed....

Where’s the beef on… what’s good?

Nathan Jackson, Assistant Opinion Editor

May 12, 2019

Optimism. What’s it good for? All it does is set you up for disappointment. So why is everyone stressing positivity and writing articles about questionably happy things? Reclamation bins? Livestreams? Tell me what makes them good. I’ll tell you: squat. Instead of searching for meaning in valueless...

Spot-stealing suckers

Nathan Jackson, Assistant Opinion Editor

April 18, 2019

You don’t see them, but they see you. They watch from the shadows, ready to strike when you’re gone. And when you leave…they steal your spot. They’re like parking spot pirates. Even when you show up, they’ll still roll the dice and park where they don’t belong. Students pay for spots, and...

Loud test takers testing our patience

Alex Diamond, Senior Writer

March 15, 2019

Deep breath in, deep breath out. You got this. This timed write has nothing on you. You’re sure you understand everything Bradbury is saying in Fahrenheit 451. All you have to do is focus. Which would be easy if only the guy next to you would stop tapping out a beat with his pen like he’s Ringo Starr....

Soap-less dispensers: the worst holiday gift

Gabrielle Parrish, Staff Writer

December 19, 2018

Along with snowflakes, Santa Claus, and peppermint mochas, the winter season brings cold and flu viruses to Liberty. One of the most effective ways of preventing the spread of germs is by washing your hands regularly. Girls at Liberty are doing their part to prevent the spread of germs by consistently...

Pretests are for posers

Nathan Jackson, Assistant Opinion Editor

September 26, 2018

Apart from death and taxes, pretests are one of life’s certainties. Every year, we take them to help teachers gauge our abilities. But are they really necessary? Let’s be honest, we probably don’t know the material: that’s why we’re taking the class. Being told that teachers need to know who...

Laptops need to be plugged in

Mia Oliver, Staff Writer

December 15, 2017

Barely beating the bell,you rush into Guided Study, swiftly dumping your backpack at your desk before heading to grab a laptop. Your head throbs at the thought of all the homework you have: an essay for AP Lang, three EDpuzzle videos for precalculus, and a formal lab write-up for APES. All of this you...

Snow ≠ Shorts

Tatum Lindquist, Opinion Editor

December 15, 2017

It’s December, and we all know what that means: sweater weather. Or, that’s how it should be. When your car door won’t close because the mechanism is frozen, people usually take the hint and dress for cold weather. They wear gloves, hats, scarves, coats—and most important: pants. Recently, it’s...

Don’t cut people off

Tatum Lindquist, Opinion Editor

June 2, 2017

The car’s clock ticks life away as you sit on probably the hottest day of the school year and endure the line to the four-way stop. Five minutes—that feel like thirty—creep at a petty, skin-crawling, painstaking pace before, finally, your tires roll over the gleaming white stop line. Slowing down...

Families on their phones

Aria Soeprono, Opinion Editor

June 2, 2017

Heads down, earbuds in, voices off. Walking into your favorite restaurant, there is no cacophony of voices and conversations; it is silent. The only sound reaching your ear is the clang of dishes in the back and the sound of the restaurant staff calling orders. The strangers posing as families surrounding...

Beef: Got trash?

Anthony Alegrete, Senior Writer

May 11, 2017

Imagine a world where you have to clean somebody else’s disgusting and smelly room. Doesn’t sound great, huh? However, the same principle can be applied to when you leave your garbage scattered across the lunchroom, expecting somebody else to clean it up for you. Just like it isn’t your responsibility...

Beef: Toilet paper, where ya at?

Mary Russell, Staff Writer

May 11, 2017

With a full bladder and one minute already lost from the short passing period, you whip off your backpack and sprint towards the nearest empty stall. You rush as much as you’re capable, hoping to make it to your next class on time. Reaching for the toilet paper, your stomach suddenly drops. The stall...

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